Personal Pilates

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Sheryl Sussman

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Personal Pilates 

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​​​Joe showing more advanced exercises that combine flex, rotation and side bending - all motions needed for a healthy spine, and to "help wring out the lungs."

What is Redcord


Redcord is a suspension training system that is uniquely designed to utilize your body weight as resistance. The system allows the body’s neuromuscular system to activate dormant core muscles and correct muscle imbalances caused by trauma, pain, overuse, or inactivity. Redcord provides an environment of controlled instability that demands the muscles to “fire” the right amount at the right time.
On the "inside" Redcord's benefits include enhanced functional strength, increased joint stability and range of motion, improved balance, reduced risk of injury, and reduced muscle pain and discomfort. From the "outside", Redcord can help change your body, toning and conditioning muscles. The exercises strengthen local muscles (smaller muscles that stabilize the joints) and global muscles (larger muscles that are more powerful and closer to the surface). This integrated approach supports everything from the movements of daily life to high performance athletics; everyone can enjoy the benefits Redcord.

What is Pilates


The Pilates Method is a series of exercises developed by legendary physical trainer Joseph H. Pilates in the 1920’s. Originally called Contrology, Pilates emphasizes concentration and control with the integration of strength, flexibility, precision, breath, flow of movement, and the awareness between the body and mind to create a more uniformly developed body. Pilates strengthens from the inside out focusing on the deepest muscles in the abdomen, inner thighs, buttocks and lower back. The method has a repertoire of over 500 exercises that are done on their own or in conjunction with special pieces of apparatus and equipment. Pilates is designed to benefit everyone regardless of age or fitness level.
The Principles of Pilates are Control, Concentration, Centering, Flow, Precision and Breath.